God will finish what He started

I’ve struggled the great majority of my life with perfectionistic tendencies. I like things done right. I like things done well. I can’t stand mediocrity. In my mind, if it’s not going to be done right and with excellence, why do it at all? What’s the point?

Years ago, I had to come to the realization that when it comes to the Christ-life though, I am not perfect. I fall short of the goal often. In this life, it is not likely that I will achieve perfection.

Notice what Paul says in the above verse. It is God Who began the work in you and me. And, it is God Who will perfect, mature, and complete the work in you and me. Finally, God’s work in you and me will continue until the day that either Jesus returns for us or we return to Jesus at death.

You and I are works in progress. God is not finished with us yet. But, God will finish what He started. Our lives in Christ are designed by God to be in a steady growth pattern towards maturity and perfection. But, growth in Christ is measured by progress and not perfection.

  • Are you more like Christ today than you were this time last year?
  • Today are you more loving and grace giving in your relationships with others than you were this time last year?
  • What area of your life do you need the Father’s help to make progress?

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