Hello World! My name is…….!!!!!!

A few years ago, Scott and I attended our niece’s high school graduation party. Typical gathering of family and friends to celebrate the end of an era and a new beginning. We were all gathered at my brother’s home and about to dig in to spinach dip and an enormous sheet cake when my sister-in-law, Kristi called us to order. It was time to participate in one of their family traditions to all hold hands in a circle and one at a time announce as loudly as possible, “Hello World! My name is….!!!!!!!” I don’t mind telling you that I don’t love the idea of yelling out in a crowd of people, some of whom I don’t know, but because I also don’t love sticking out in the crowd, I got in the circle and held tight to Scott’s hand. I was nervous to see which way the announcement would travel in the circle and was relieved to see that Scott would go before me. He was already looking forward to making his rowdy introduction to the world, even though I think he was pretty sure the world was already familiar with him. That man has confidence.

I could also see someone else who was in greater distress than me. That would be Scott Smith I… see, not only am I married to a Scott Smith, so is my older sister. She got her Scott Smith first, therefore Scott Smith I. He couldn’t be more different than my Scott Smith. He’s a quiet man and not one you would ever imagine holding hands in a circle with strangers yelling into the universe. I couldn’t wait to see how he would handle his introduction. He looked like he was in line for the guillotine. But as his time approached, he lifted his hands to the sky and proclaimed, “Hello World! My name is Scott!!!!!!” I was impressed, and frankly… amazed. As crazy as it sounds, I thought if he can do it…. so can I and when my turn came, I did! It was encouraging to know we were all in it together.

So as Scott Smith II and I get ready to launch this new venture of writing a blog, I couldn’t think of a better way to start. This blog is about us, the family we love, the people we do life with, the places we go and the principles we’ve pocketed over the years. We will want to know about you, too along the way. And maybe, inspire you to step out of your comfort zone to do something unexpected. So in honor of the Garrett family tradition, circle up everybody! “Hello World!! …..”

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